Virus and bacteria killed in minutes




We provide the latest technology combined with the best quality product to obtain the highest level of disinfection service to help contain the effects of germs, viruses and bacteria, including the coronavirus. All done through the application of international protocols.

  • Biodegradable
  • Safe: Non-toxic, non-corrosive
  • 7-Log Kill (99.99% effective)
  • EPA registration
  • High technology
  • Certified by "Green Clean Institute"

Our technology

Our system improves the surface as well as the quality of the environment by covering the 100% of the contact points, including sensitive equipment and hidden surfaces; all done through ELECTROSTATIC SPRAY.

We safely treat areas where pathogens and odors remain and / or proliferate, and where they can re-infect.


Business opportunity

Become DESINFECTECH certified which includes online training making you a Certified Operator or simply rent our system to use it in your current business, daycare, gym or any other space.


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I began using Desinfectech after terminating a 15 year relationship with my former company. I was hesitant because starting new relationships with a company for this type of precedures is very risky for me. My best friend used Desinfectech before I gave them a call and scheduled an appointment. I was immediately impressed with the professionalism and courtesy. The initial assessment was not rushed, we went from room to room and covered the entire house. The pricing was explained in detail, availability options were provided, and I was left with no unanswered questions. I hired Desinfectech and I have no regrets. They are punctual, the specialist are consistent and top notch! They utilize the latest technology to stay in contact with you, and you never have to guess when they start and finish your job. They are a true professional company committed to what they do. Thanks

Mrs. Ally Shorts

Great job. I just used Desinfectech for a move in procedure and I was very happy with the job that they did. Prices were fair. I would recommend their services.

Mrs. Angela Martinez

I hired Desinfectech for the first time a week ago and they were excellent. I would highly recommend their services. Courteous, great job. One of the owners stopped by towards the end and he even went through the house to make sure everything was perfect. I will definitely use them again in the future.

Mrs. Esperanza Bocanegra